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Table 1 Classification of studies used as evidence in HTA reports according to selected criteriaa

From: Challenges to decision-making processes in the national HTA agency in Brazil: operational procedures, evidence use and recommendations

Study category Criteria
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Description of the characteristics and current uses of the technology Evaluation of safety and effectiveness Cost-effectiveness analysis Information on costs and financial impact Organisational considerations Systematic or systematised review Critical evaluation of the quality of the evidence Ethical, social and legal considerations
Full HTA Always Always Always Always Optional Always Optional Optional
Mini-HTA Always Always Not performed Always Optional Always Optional Optional
Rapid review Always Always Not performed Optional Optional Always Optional Optional
Other Always Optional Not performed Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
  1. HTA health technology assessment
  2. aBased on the classification system devised by Merlin et al. [7]