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Table 1 System/organisational levels where research was performed and levels where support was needed in order to establish the projects and keep them going; the summary provides an overview for comparison

From: Collaborative and partnership research for improvement of health and social services: researcher’s experiences from 20 projects

  Project Levels where research was performed Levels where support was established Summary of levels
1 ACTION – partnership for increased care and quality Homebased health and social care
Meetings with patients and next-of-kin
National networks for IT support
Municipality officers
Municipality collaboration
Reg., Org, Unit, Care recipient
2 Bridging the gaps Micro system (i.e. patient-care provider interaction), Clinical Dep., Diagnosis cohorts, Patient - web support Micro system, Clinical Dep., Region, National level IT (quality reg.), Municipality IT network (quality reg.) Nat., Reg., Org, Unit, Care recipient
3 Chronical health Diagnosis cohort
Specialist (MD) cohort
Multiple clinical dep. (several regions)
National level IT (quality reg.)
Nat., Unit, Care recipient
4 Innovation systems for better health Clinical Dep.
Hospital or organisation, Region
Clinical Dep.
Hospital or organisation, Region
Reg., Org., Unit
5 Sustainability in innovation and organisation learning in healthcare Patient cohort, Clinical Dep.
Hospital or organisation, Region,
Hospital or organisation
Reg., Org., Unit
6 NDR – Better use of the national diabetes registry (a national quality registry) Diagnosis cohort, Specialist (Medical Doctor) cohort, Clinical Dep. Hospital or organisation, National level IT National level information technology (quality reg.) Nat., Org, Unit
7 Knowledge, management and value creation in geriatric care Clinical Dep.
Clinical Dep.
County top management
Reg., Org
8 Increased participation/access to society for people with psychiatric conditions Meetings with patients and next-of-kin, Diagnosis cohort, Region, National Municipality
Region, National, Non-governmental organisation
Reg., Unit, Care recipient
9 QIHREA - Quality improvement in healthcare, a research and education agenda Patient, Clinical Dep., Hospital, Region, Region based management network Micro system
Clinical Dep.
Hospital, Region
Internat., Nat., Reg., Org.
10 Bridging the gaps 2 – Patients as active co-creators in care processes Micro system
National level IT (quality reg.)
Micro system
National level IT (quality reg.)
Region-based management network
Reg., Org, Unit, Care recipient
11 Care chain – From emergency care to home Meetings with patients and next-of-kin, Clinical Dep., Hospital management, Municipality management Clinical Dep.
Hospital (management)
Municipality (management), Region
Reg., Unit
12 Learning on patient safety Clinical Dep. Clinical Dep. Nat., Reg., Unit
13 FLIP – Atrial fibrillation in primary care Diagnosis cohort
Specialist (MD) cohort
Reg., Unit,
14 Nat. guidelines for health promotion – from evidence to clinical practice Clinical Dep.
Professional cohorts in care
County, National, Government body
Clinical Dep., Professional cohorts in care, County, National
Government body
Nat., Reg., Unit
15 Lean and agile Hospital
National research cohort Org., Unit
16 INTEGRAL Hospital management Hospital management
University management
Reg., Unit
17 P-Inn – The patient’s innovation system Patient cohorts
National level IT (quality reg.)
National level IT (quality reg.) Nat., Unit, Care recipient
18 Patient choice system in primary care Regional Regional
Nat., Reg.
19 InOut Clinical Dep., Hospital
National, International
Clinical Dep., Hospital, National level IT, National patient organisation, European Stroke Organisation Internat., Nat., Reg., Unit,
20 FELLOW – Fellowship program Clinical Dep. Clinical Dep.
University management
Reg., Unit
  1. dep. Department, Internat. international organisation, Nat. national organisation, Reg. regional organisation, Org. local organisation, Unit clinical department or other organisational unit, Care recipient individual patient (incl. next-of-kin)