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Table 1 Definitions used for coding extracted research references

From: Does citation matter? Research citation in policy documents as an indicator of research impact – an Australian obesity policy case-study

Geographical origin of publication
International: Document not Australian in origin. Research not conducted in Australia (for single studies) or none of the authors have Australian affiliations (for research synthesis and other)
Other Australian: Document Australian in origin but not from a NSW source. Research conducted in Australia but not NSW (for singles studies) or any authors have Australian affiliations but not NSW affiliations (for research synthesis and other)
NSW: Document from NSW source. Research conducted in NSW (for single studies) or any authors have NSW affiliations (for research synthesis and other)
Referenced information sources
Research: Publications reporting analyses of quantitative or qualitative data, development or application of theory [19], or discussions/commentaries about research and research methods. Including:
  Internal/external statistics: Statistical data from internal (e.g. NSW Health Survey) or external (e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics) sources
  Non-peer-reviewed research: Research reported in technical monographs or in the grey literature
  Peer-reviewed research: Research reported in peer-reviewed journals
Policy documents: Documents (report, discussion paper, draft or final policy, formal directive, programme plan, strategic plan, budget bid, service agreement, implementation plan, guideline or protocol with a focus on health service or programme design, delivery or resourcing [19]) authored by government agencies, non-government organisations or professional bodies where the purpose of the document was not to report research findings
Other information sources: Cited information other than policy documents or research, e.g. media releases, information on websites, reference books, expert testimony
Peer-reviewed research
Single study: Publication reports the findings of a research study
Research synthesis: Meta-analyses, systematic reviews, literature reviews
Other: Commentaries, editorials, case reports, conference reports, conceptual models, health programme descriptions
Descriptive research: Describes the nature, scope and correlates of the problem
Intervention research: Evaluates the impact of an intervention, implementation under real world conditions, or the wide scale use of an intervention
Measurement studies: Development of measures or testing the reliability, acceptability or validity of measurement instruments