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Table 7 Peer-reviewed research publications cited in four or more policy documents

From: Does citation matter? Research citation in policy documents as an indicator of research impact – an Australian obesity policy case-study

Title Date Geographical origin Number of citing docs
Risks and consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity [41] 1999 International 8
Childhood obesity: Public-health crisis, common sense cure [42] 2002 International 8
Prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australian children and adolescents: Reassessment of 1985 and 1995 data against new standard international definitions [43] 2001 Australian 5
Health consequences of obesity [44] 2003 International 5
Fat, friendless and unhealthy: 9-year old children’s perception of body shape stereotypes [45] 1995 International 4
Obesity prevention: The case for action [46] 2002 International 4
Change in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among young Australians, 1969–1997 [47] 2003 Australian 4
Does overweight in childhood have an impact on adult health? [48] 2003 International 4
Reducing obesity in early childhood: Results from Romp & Chomp, an Australian community-wide intervention programme [49] 2010 Australian 4