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Table 5 Percent frequency of institutional priorities to enhance engagements with decision-makers

From: Factors affecting engagement between academic faculty and decision-makers: learnings and priorities for a school of public health

Priority Code n (%)
Create more academic incentives for such engagement (e.g. contribution to promotion and tenure) More incentives 105 (49.8)
Provide supplemental funding for knowledge translation and/or facilitate financial support/compensation from external sources Supplemental funding 88 (41.7)
Enhance/inculcate a culture of pursuing policy- and/or practice-relevant research Enhancing culture 83 (39.3)
Strengthen faculty (and student) capacity in communication/knowledge translation/advocacy skills Strengthening knowledge translation skills 68 (32.2)
Assist faculty with building and maintaining important relationships/networks Networking assistance 63 (29.9)
Mediate/broker introductions to decision-makers by colleagues who have relevant relationships Mediating relationships 61 (28.9)
Facilitate faculty in carving out dedicated time for such engagements Allocating time 54 (25.6)
Promote and support experience in a decision-making environment Value experience 29 (13.7)
Hire more faculty and staff with training in communication/knowledge translation/advocacy skills Hire knowledge translation faculty 24 (11.4)
Leverage technology to engage remotely with decision-makers Leverage technology 16 (7.6)
Provide more mentoring/moral support from supervisors Mentoring support 16 (7.6)