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Table 2 Literature inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A systematic review of frameworks for the interrelationships of mental health evidence and policy in low- and middle-income countries

Criteria Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Framework Clearly describe the framework, i.e. describe process, determinants, strategies No clear description of framework/theory/model, only mentions; only describes elements/parts/tools
Knowledge translation Framework is used for knowledge translation (also described as the process of evidence-based policy-making/decision-making, etc.) No evidence and policy interrelationship, knowledge translation, evidence-based policy-making/decision-making, policy change
Scientific research evidence Relates to scientific/research knowledge Does not explicitly relate to scientific/research knowledge, e.g. not tacit knowledge, user group or patient knowledge
Evidence to policy-making process Must focus on the evidence into policy-making process (i.e. interactions between researchers and policy-makers) Does not or only very vaguely describes the evidence to policy process; focuses on policy implementation into practice process
Agenda-setting and policy formulation Aims at/includes process to agenda-setting (and/or policy formulation) Only describes the process of informing policy
Action framework Capable of guiding researchers in developing, applying and testing of knowledge translation interventions. We understand actionable as providing conceptual clarity, having a clear purpose, being able to explain how individuals move from intention to actual behaviour change, and useful to develop and test interventions [55, 56] Not actionable, descriptive model, only part/components of the process
LMICs Developed for/applied to LMICs, as defined by World Bank classification [148] Only developed for/applied to high-income countries
Mental health Developed for/applied to mental health Only applied to physical health
Health On human health Not on human health
Language Publication language: English, and accessible online as full article or retrievable as hard copy Not in English, not retrievable
Publication date No date limitation n.a.
Study type No study type restriction (also incl. reviews and case studies included) n.a.
  1. n.a. not applicable, LMICs low- and middle-income countries