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Table 3 Included frameworks and common themes (showing the elements identified in the frameworks and the themes derived from them by the authors)

From: A systematic review of frameworks for the interrelationships of mental health evidence and policy in low- and middle-income countries

Name Theme identified 1. RAPID 2. KPP 3. SPIRIT 4. Country-level assessment
Key publication   Overseas Development Institute, 2004 [116] Jones et al., 2009 [114] Redman et al., 2015 [117] Lavis et al., 2006 [115]
Elements Political context Political context: politics and institutions Political context Policy influences General climate
External influences External influences: socio-economic and cultural influences, donor policies Sectoral dynamics  
Actors   Actors’ interests, values and beliefs  
Evidence Evidence: credibility and communication Types of knowledge Reservoir of relevant and reliable research Production of research
   Research use: conceptual, instrumental, tactical and imposed fashions and to support policy agenda-setting, policy development, implementation or evaluation Evaluation
    Efforts to facilitate user pull (Analysis: also partly in theme Catalysts)
Intermediaries and links Links: influence and legitimacy Media, advocacy, networking Knowledge intermediaries   Exchange efforts
Capacity Capacity-building Capacity Push efforts
  Research engagement action: Agency to access and appraise research findings, commission or undertake research to generate new findings, or interact with researchers User-pull efforts
Catalysts    Catalysts: occurs to initiate the process of engaging with or using research Efforts to facilitate user pull (Analysis: also partly in themes Evidence and Intermediaries and links)
Other frameworks   Innovative frameworks (embed within an understanding of the broader system in which they work, and the relationship between the supply of and demand for knowledge on development policy issues)   
  1. KPP Knowledge, policy and power framework, RAPID Context, evidence, links framework, SPIRIT SPIRIT Action Framework