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Table 2 The value domains and dimensions of responsible innovation in health

From: Introducing responsible innovation in health: a policy-oriented framework

Value domain Dimension
Population health Health relevance: Does the innovation address a relevant health problem?
Ethical, legal and social issues: Was the innovation developed by seeking to mitigate its ethical, legal or social issues?
Health equity: In what ways does the innovation promote health equity?
Health system Inclusiveness: Were the innovation development processes inclusive?
Responsiveness: Does the innovation provide a dynamic solution to a health system need or challenge?
Level of care: Is the level of care required by the innovation compatible with health system sustainability?
Economic Frugality: Does the innovation deliver greater value to more people using fewer resources?
Organisational Business model: Does the organisation that produces the innovation seek to provide more value to users, purchasers and society?
Environmental Eco-responsibility: Does the innovation limit its negative environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle as much possible?