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Table 1 Schema for organising the synthesis of research evidence and agenda

From: A health equity research agenda for India: results of a consultative exercise

Dimension Themes Research agenda and questions
Dimension one Type of research questions I. Descriptive research that answers the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ questions on the extent, nature and trends of health inequities
II. Explanatory research that answers the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions on the pathways through which health inequities are created, and the political/policy environment that facilitates the process
III. Explanatory research that answers ‘how’ health systems create or facilitate inequities in accessibility, affordability, acceptability, and quality
IV. Intervention research that answers the ‘what works in addressing health inequities, in which context, and why?’
Dimension two Determinants of health inequities I. Socioeconomic position
II. Caste/tribal status
III. Gender
IV. Other socially constructed vulnerable groups, e.g. people living with HIV/AIDS, migrants, elderly, sexual minorities, sex workers, persons living with physical disabilities, persons living with mental health conditions
V. Health systems
Dimension three Health conditions/outcomes I. Maternal health, wellbeing and nutrition
II. Child health, wellbeing and nutrition
III. Non-communicable diseases
IV. Communicable diseases
V. Violence and injuries
VI. Overall mortality, morbidity, nutrition