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Table 2 A research agenda for descriptive studies on least studied population groups

From: A health equity research agenda for India: results of a consultative exercise

Population groups to be studied
 i. Muslims and other religious minorities
 ii. Nomadic tribes
 iii. Urban homeless
 iv. Migrants
 v. ‘Left behind’ households of migrants
 vi. Adolescents
 vii. Elderly
 viii. Single (never married/widowed/separated)
 ix. Persons living with physical/psychosocial disabilities
 x. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex communities
 xi. Sex workers
 xii. People living with HIV/AIDS
 xiii. Communities living in the north-eastern states of India
Health outcomes
i. Overall health needs of specific populations
ii. Specific health conditions about which there is limited information (e.g. cervical cancer); specific health conditions in specific population groups (e.g. tuberculosis in elderly or internal migrants)
iii. Ignored health needs of specific populations, e.g. beyond sexual and reproductive health for adolescents, beyond HIV for people living with HIV/AIDS
iv. Nutritional status
i. Quality of life, perceived psychological and physical wellbeing
Health behaviours
 i. Health literacy/awareness of healthy behaviours and symptoms of health problems
 ii. Care-seeking behaviour (from whom, after how many days, for which conditions)
 iii. Access and utilisation, unmet need for healthcare/treatment compliance/treatment completion and barriers to these
 iv. Experience with healthcare providers/in healthcare facilities