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Table 1 Research priorities database showing priorities from WHO publications (2005–2017) deposited in the WHO Institutional Repository (IRIS)

From: An analysis of research priority-setting at the World Health Organization – how mapping to a standard template allows for comparison between research priority-setting approaches

Tab Colour/Name Instructions
Definitions Definitions of methods and criteria included in the database, and definitions for categorising priorities by research area (problem, cause, etc.) adapted from WHO Strategy for Research and Health, 2010.
User Interface Use dropdown list to compare research areas of specific diseases/health topics with all priorities in the database. The interface also shows the solution-focused priority breakdown, into specific intervention type, for the selected disease/health topic.
Aggregated Database All information about research priorities and their documents is recorded here. The other sheets access data from this sheet. Clear all filters and set to Select All for analysis of whole dataset. Use filters to analyse by different categorisations. For example, in Column G uncheck Select All and check Guidelines to analyse by Document Type/Guidelines only. The analysis will present on Statistics worksheet. Note: remember to remove filters, i.e. check Select All in all columns to analyse the whole dataset.
WHO Documents Inventory All documents used in this database are listed here including the permanent url link to the WHO institutional repository (IRIS). To understand the priorities in their proper context users should reference the original publication.
Filter Priorities by Disease Use to filter by disease/health category and look at the distribution of solution priorities by filtered disease.
Statistics This displays the analysis of the dataset covering:
- Health Topics
- Type of document (research prioritisation, report, meeting notes)
- Publication date
- Prioritisation methodology
Note: the analysis will relate to the filters selected in the Aggregated Database.
Solution Statistics This sheet contains charts that automatically update to show the portion of priorities per research area and of specific interventions for solution priorities.