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Table 1 Comparisons of sustainability definitions

From: Sustainability of public health interventions: where are the gaps?

Sustainability factors compared among frameworks Definition constructs – Lennox et al. [9] Description – Lennox et al. [9] Definition constructs – Moore et al. [8] Description – Moore et al. [8]
Core activity Continued programme activities The ability of activities to continue, appropriate to the local context, after withdrawal of external funding Continued delivery or institutionalisation of a clinical intervention or programme Whether an organisation or community is continuing to provide a programme (such as delivering multidimensional treatment foster care) or continuing to use the strategies necessary to support behaviour change (e.g. education, audit and feedback)
Recipient benefits Continued health benefits The ability to sustain population health outcomes Continued health benefits for individuals/systems Maintenance of outcomes after initial implementation phase
Implementation Not included   Maintenance of behaviour change at individual clinician/patient level Whether the implementer is following the recommendations of the evidence-based programme, guideline, or practice (how the implementer is interacting with patients, clients or community members)
Adaptation Evolution/Adaptation Adapting successfully to change and providing a range of valued service delivery opportunities and practices in an effective and efficient manner Evolution/Adaptation Either changes in the programme or implementation strategies or changes in individual’s maintenance of behaviour
Organisational value Capacity-building Relates to inter-organisational relationships that might serve as the basis of collaborative problem-solving capacity Not included  
Cost-benefit Recovering costs The ability of an organisation to produce outputs of sufficient value so that it acquires enough inputs to continue production at a steady or growing rate Not included  
Longitudinal PErspective Not included   Time Not elaborately described although assertions such as “after initial funding ends” and “over time” are used to denote time