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Table 2 Consolidated framework for sustainability constructs in healthcare (adapted from Lennox et al. [9])

From: Sustainability of public health interventions: where are the gaps?

The initiative design Negotiating initiative processes The people involved Resources The organisational setting The external environment
Demonstrating effectiveness Belief in the initiative Stakeholder participation General resources Integrating with existing programmes and policies Socioeconomic and political considerations
Monitoring progress over time Accountability of roles and responsibilities Leadership and champions Funding Intervention adaptation and receptivity Awareness and raising the profile
Training and capacity-building Defining aims and shared vision Relationships and collaboration and networks Infrastructure Organisational values and culture Urgency
Evidence base for the initiative Incentives Community participation Resources – staff Organisational readiness and capacity Spread to other organisations
Expertise Workload Staff involvement Resources – time Support available  
The problem Complexity Ownership   Opposition  
Project duration Job requirements Power    
Improvement methods   Patient involvement    
Project type   Satisfaction