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Table 1 Summary of the Swiss Red Cross project objectives and outputs in South Sudan and Haiti

From: Addressing fragility through community-based health programmes: insights from two qualitative case study evaluations in South Sudan and Haiti

Country (period) Project objectives Project outputs
South Sudan (2008–2013) Construction and equipment of primary healthcare services, providing training and capacity-building for health staff, and on sustainability of financing and service provision through local authorities • Construction and equipment of six primary healthcare units
• Training and on-the-job coaching of MoH health staff in the units
• Training of 250 SSRC volunteers
• Training of 27 village (boma) health committees
Haiti(2011–2017) Provision of clean water at the household and the community level, implementation of hygiene promotion activities and construction of latrines at household (WASH 1) and at community level (WASH 2) • 10 hygiene and health promotion training sessions conducted for 123 members of the EIC
• Construction of 1206 latrines
• Construction of 508 rainwater catchment systems for households and two for schools
• Repair of 160 damaged water reservoirs
• Disinfection of 362 latrines
  1. EIC ‘Equipes d’Intervention Communautaires’, MoH Ministry of Health, SSRC South Sudan Red Cross, WASH Water, sanitation and hygiene