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Table 2 Swiss Red Cross definitions of fragility and conflict-affected states in 2015

From: Addressing fragility through community-based health programmes: insights from two qualitative case study evaluations in South Sudan and Haiti

Fragile context/situation Describes a context, which is characterised by weak or unstable institutions, poverty, violence, corruption and political arbitrariness (adapted from SDC’s “Characteristics of fragile contexts” [3])
Fragile state Has a weak capacity to carry out basic functions of governing a population and its territory, and lacks the ability to develop mutually constructive and reinforcing relations with society. As a consequence, trust and mutual obligations between the state and its citizens have become weak (based on definition from OECD/DAC 2011) [72]
  1. DAC Development Assistance Committee, OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, SDC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation