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Table 1 Phases of development of the Policy Information Platform (PIP) in Nigeria

From: Fostering access to and use of contextualised knowledge to support health policy-making: lessons from the Policy Information Platform in Nigeria

Phase Key activities Outcomes
Consultation with policy-makers and identification of priority policy issues Interaction with key policy-makers representing various areas of the policy-making sector in Nigeria to identify priorities in the health policy-making process Key policy priority areas identified by policy-makers (see Table 3)
Stakeholder engagement workshop and formal launch of PIP Formal presentation of the PIP Nigeria website and administration of structured questionnaire to elicit information to aid in the operational effectiveness of the platform Information generated by questionnaire: (1) areas of health policy information needs; (2) challenges and capacity constraints in accessing evidence for policy-making; (3) how evidence is utilised in the policy-making; (4) suggested ways and formats in which policy-relevant information can be made easily available and accessible to policy-makers (see Table 5)
Extraction of policy-relevant publications and development of PIP website Publication extraction process using PubMed, Google Scholar, etc. Extracted publications classified into five main categories: (1) scientific articles, (2) policy briefs, (3) evaluation reports, (4) grey literature and (5) health policy documents Policy-relevant publications extracted: scientific articles (n = 126), policy briefs (n = 46), evaluation reports (n = 23), grey literature (n = 201), health policy documents (n = 85) (see Fig. 1)
Promotion of PIP website at national and state health policy meetings Presentation of the PIP during a stakeholder engagement event organised by West African Health Organization in Abuja in October 2015 and two state meetings in Ebonyi State in November 2015 and April 2016 Participants (n = 195) made aware of the existence of the PIP and given first-hand information on how to use it
Evaluation of the PIP using stakeholder survey questionnaire Stakeholder evaluation survey undertaken via email 6 months after establishment of the PIP Of 195 individuals contacted via email with survey questionnaire, 30 (15.4%) provided a response; respondents commended the PIP initiative and made suggestions for its improvement and sustenance