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Table 2 Key Nigerian policy-makers consulted to identify priority health policy issues that should be addressed by the Policy Information Platform

From: Fostering access to and use of contextualised knowledge to support health policy-making: lessons from the Policy Information Platform in Nigeria

Title Institution Mandate
Director of Public Health Ministry of Health To coordinate the formulation of public health policies and guidelines and to support their implementation and evaluation in Nigeria through health promotion, surveillance and prevention
Director of Nursing Services Ministry of Health To improve nursing services to patients in all public healthcare facilities
Health Systems Information Services Officer Ministry of Health To collect, transmit, store and manage health-related data to inform and support health management practices
Coordinator of Reproductive Health Services Ministry of Health To ensure improvement of maternal and newborn health, with reduction in maternal mortality ratio
Head, Department of Family Medicine Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria To develop and coordinate the implementation of policies and programmes that promote the health of the family through efficient, integrated health services
Director of Primary Healthcare Local Government Service Commission To ensure the functioning, planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring of primary healthcare services
Chief Executive Officer National health-based non-governmental organisation To advocate for efficient and effective health services that will lead to improvement in health outcomes