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Table 1 Study outcomes and exclusion criteria

From: Study protocol: a mixed-methods study of women’s healthcare in the safety net after Affordable Care Act implementation – EVERYWOMAN

Outcome Target population Exclusions
Preventive care
 Cervical cancer screening Females, ages 21–65 History of hysterectomy
 Gonorrhoea and chlamydia screening Females, ages 15–24 Not yet sexually active
 HIV screening Females, ages 15–65 Not yet sexually active
 HPV vaccination Females, ages 9–26 None
Contraceptive care
 Contraceptive advice, prescription, delivery (NQF #2903 & #2904) [47] Females, ages 15–44 Sterile; Currently pregnant; Preconception visit within past 12 months
Prenatal and postpartum care
 Prenatal care Females with completed pregnancy ‘episode’ during study period Pregnant women not receiving prenatal care at ADVANCE member clinics
 Postpartum care, including contraception (NQF #2902) [48]
 Postpartum depression screening
  1. HIV human immunodeficiency virus, HPV human papillomavirus, NQF National Quality Forum