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Table 1 Themes, short-form Summary of Findings, and CERQual ratings for the WHO antenatal care guideline. The Summary of Findings that emerged from both women and provider data on their views and experiences of antenatal care

From: Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) for Guidelines: Paper 1 – Using qualitative evidence synthesis to inform guideline scope and develop qualitative findings statements

Theme Short-form Summary of Findings by CERQual rating
High confidence Moderate confidence Low/very low confidence
Sociocultural context Pregnancy seen as a normal event Cooperation with influential community membersa Gender of healthcare provider
Service philosophy, design and provision Indirect cost of services Poor infrastructure
Long waiting times
Staff traininga
Staff corruptiona
What matters to women and staff Authentic and kind staff
Antenatal care as a source of knowledge and information
Continuity of care Attraction of specific components of antenatal carea
  1. a From providers only