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Table 1 Learning health system (LHS) core values

From: A framework for value-creating learning health systems

Core value Definition
Adaptability The LHS will be designed to enable iterative, rapid adaptation and incremental evolution to meet the current and future needs of stakeholders
Cooperative and participatory leadership The leadership of the LHS will be a multi-stakeholder collaboration that empowers stakeholders to participate meaningfully in LHS decisions and activities
Equity The LHS examines problems and solutions with an equity lens and aims to ensure that its impacts are fairly distributed and reduce population health disparities
Inclusiveness Every individual and organisation committed to the goals of the LHS is invited and encouraged to participate
Open innovation LHS leverages knowledge from multiple internal and external sources and promotes collaborative approaches to innovation and the flow of ideas across organisational boundaries.
Person focused The LHS will engage patients, families, communities and the general public as partners in its governance and activities, focus on their priorities, and strive to improve outcomes at individual patient and population levels that matter to them
Privacy The LHS will protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of all data to enable responsible sharing of data, information and knowledge
Scientific integrity The LHS and its participants will share a commitment to the most rigorous application of science to ensure the validity and credibility of findings
Shared accountability A well-designed system of governance will allow stakeholders to share accountability for LHS strategies, policies, standards and outcomes
Solidarity The LHS unites stakeholders with a common interest, empowers those with marginalised voices, builds trust between members, and promotes a collective responsibility for delivering value to all members and the public
Transparency All aspects of the LHS will be open and transparent to safeguard and deepen the trust of all stakeholders