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Table 1 Summary of objectives, data collection, data analysis and products

From: Scaling up eConsult for access to specialists in primary healthcare across four Canadian provinces: study protocol of a multiple case study

Objectives Data collection Data analysis Products
1. Describe the main components of eConsult relevant to the scale-up process in each province Grey literature
Semi-structured interviews
Thematic analysis
Validation with key stakeholders
Logic model of eConsult for each province (with variations, if any)
Matrix comparing key components of eConsult relevant to the scale-up process across provinces
2. Understand the eConsult scale-up process in each province and compare processes across provinces Grey literature (same as Objective 1)
Semi-structured interviews (same as Objective 1)
Non-participant observations
Process research approach: narrative summary, visual mapping strategy
Validation with key stakeholders
Cross-case analysis and validation
Narrative summary for each province
Visual map of key events, decisions and actions in the scale-up process for each province
Comparative matrix of scale-up phases across provinces
3. Identify policy issues and strategies to scale-up eConsult in each province Observations, semi-structured interviews (same as Objectives 1 and 2)
Focus group
Thematic analysis Policy briefs with a list of policy issues and strategies to support scale-up of eConsult in each province
4. Foster cross-level and cross-jurisdictional learning on scaling up eConsult Deliberative dialogue (pan-Canadian symposium) Cross-case analysis and validation Summary of cross-jurisdictional learning on scale-up process