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Table 2 Non-participant observation grid

From: Scaling up eConsult for access to specialists in primary healthcare across four Canadian provinces: study protocol of a multiple case study

Potential issues Challenges Solutions/strategies
Remuneration (fees for GPs, fees for all type of providers, payment models, etc.)   
Recruitment of specialists (difficulties to recruit specialists, difficulty to recruit among specific specialties, etc.)   
Information technology (integration into electronic medical records, difficulties with the platform, patient access to the platform, etc.)   
Budget (financing of pilot projects, financing difficulties related to scale-up, government support, etc.)   
Privacy (Concerns regarding patients’ privacy, barrier to use the platform, security of the platform, etc.)   
Delivery of services (Definition of a ‘specialist’, which specialty is available, quality assurance, interjurisdiction eConsults, etc.)   
Provincial governance structure   
Monitoring – Dashboards   
Other issues   
Outcomes’ monitoring/Research   
Milat’s scale-up phases [12]   
 Phase 1   
  Scalability assessment   
 Phase 2   
  Develop scale-up plan   
 Phase 3   
  Prepare for scale-up   
 Phase 4   
  Implement scale-up plan