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Table 1 Chronology of NHS R&D

From: ‘All the stars were aligned’? The origins of England’s National Institute for Health Research

Before 1988Research organised locally, plus government-sponsored policy research
1988House of Lords report Priorities in Medical Research
1991NHS R&D established
1993Health Technology Assessment programme established
1993Culyer Report on research funding commissioned
1997Labour government elected, replacing Conservative (until 2010)
2000Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Task Force established
2000National Cancer Research Network, a model for future networks
2003Biosciences Innovation and Growth Team report
2004Announcement of major increases in health R&D funding
2004Sally Davies appointed Director of NHS R&D
2005Consultation on integrated R&D strategy Best Research for Best Health
2006NIHR established
2006Cooksey Report A Review of UK Health Research Funding