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Table 1 Chronology of NHS R&D

From: ‘All the stars were aligned’? The origins of England’s National Institute for Health Research

Before 1988 Research organised locally, plus government-sponsored policy research
1988 House of Lords report Priorities in Medical Research
1991 NHS R&D established
1993 Health Technology Assessment programme established
1993 Culyer Report on research funding commissioned
1997 Labour government elected, replacing Conservative (until 2010)
2000 Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Task Force established
2000 National Cancer Research Network, a model for future networks
2003 Biosciences Innovation and Growth Team report
2004 Announcement of major increases in health R&D funding
2004 Sally Davies appointed Director of NHS R&D
2005 Consultation on integrated R&D strategy Best Research for Best Health
2006 NIHR established
2006 Cooksey Report A Review of UK Health Research Funding