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Table 5 Probability of having a financial catastrophe under the Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) and National Health Insurance (NHI) schemes

From: The impact of National Health Insurance upon accessibility of health services and financial protection from catastrophic health expenditure: a case study of Savannakhet province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Independent variable (Andersen’s Behavioral Model)Binary logistic regression model 2: catastrophic expenditure (of inpatient department)
2013 (controlling insurance status)20132016 (controlling insurance status)20162018
Nagelkerke R2
Nagelkerke R2
Nagelkerke R2
Nagelkerke R2
Nagelkerke R2
ORP valueORP valueORP valueORP valueORP value
Predisposing factors
  50 or above0.1400.0890.1560.0940.0390.0070.1230.0780.8030.457
 Marital status
 Educational status
  Never attended school          
  Primary school0.7790.8180.6310.7560.2450.0940.3460.0970.9430.505
  Lower secondary school or higher0.1140.0450.1240.0560.5220.4720.5420.8711.1560.792
 Size of household
  Small (1–4 people)          
  Large (more than 5 people)1.9780.3642.1420.5341.0260.9701.0420.8790.9460.836
Enabling factors
 Income level
  Less than 1 million LAK (US$120)          
  1 million (US$120) to 2.5 million LAK (US$300)0.0490.000*0.0560.001*0.0300.000*0.0560.002*1.1660.894
  2.5 million LAK (US$300) or more0.0340.019*0.040.003*0.0120.000*0.0450.000*1.1170.900
 Insurance status
  No – uninsured          
  Yes – Insured0.4260.277  0.0370.000*    
Need factors
 Chronic condition
  1. * Statistically significant at 95% confidence interval