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Table 1 Definitions of categories

From: Intervention Scalability Assessment Tool: A decision support tool for health policy makers and implementers

CategoryVariable definitionAdditional definitions
Model/FrameworkModel/Framework nameWhere there is no specific name, a generic descriptor was used
Stage of scale-upFocus on which part of the process• Pre-scale-up: steps or activities undertaken prior to embarking on the scale-up of an evidence-based intervention
• Scale-up: steps and/or activities required to ‘disseminate’ the evidence-based intervention
• Implementation: the process of using or integrating the evidence-based intervention within a setting [21]
Focus areaFocus on disease/condition type• Non-specific/generalisable: the framework/model/checklist could be applied to several different disease contexts, even though it may have been developed using a specific disease frame
• Disease/condition specific: the framework/model/checklist has been designed to be applied to the scale-up of interventions that are specific to a particular disease/condition
Key componentsDescription of the key components of the model/framework 
Process of developmentDescription of the key methods undertaken to develop the model/framework• Literature review
• Delphi process
• Qualitative research (including interviews)
• Case study
ContextDescription of the context from which the model/framework was derived• High-income country
• Global health/low- and middle-income country