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Table 2 Pilot search in PubMed electronic database

From: Mapping evidence of free maternal healthcare financing and quality of care in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic scoping review protocol

DateDatabaseKeywordsSearch results
31/08/2019PubMed• Line 1: “free maternal healthcare”[All Fields] OR “free healthcare financing”[MeSH Terms] AND
• Line 2: “mothers”[MeSH Terms] OR “expectant mothers”[All Fields] OR
• Line 3: “pregnant”[All Fields] OR “Pregnancy”[MeSH Terms] OR “post-natal”[All Fields] OR
• Line 4: “women”[All Fields] OR “woman”[All Fields] AND “quality”[All Fields] OR
• Line 5: “quality of health care”[MeSH Terms] OR “quality of maternal healthcare”[All Fields] OR
• Line 6: “quality of care”[All Fields] OR “quality of maternal health service”[All Fields] OR
• “quality of maternal health delivery”[All Fields] AND
• Line 7: “Africa”[All Fields] OR “sub Saharan Africa”[All Fields]
• Line 8: “humans”[MeSH Terms]