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Table 3 The Prevention Centre’s partnership survey results over three timepoints

From: Knowledge mobilisation in practice: an evaluation of the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

Categories and statements in the partnership surveyPercentage agreement with survey statements
Baseline15-month follow-up3-year follow-up
Resource allocation
 1. Adequate financial resources are available73.965.668.6
 2. Necessary skills are available in the partnership69.680.080.4
 3. Available skills are used effectively39.162.962.8
 4. Adequate partner time is allocated30.447.741.2
 5. The benefits of allocating resources to the Centre outweigh the costs for my area47.844.858.0
 6. There are defined roles and responsibilities55.166.352.8
 7. There is a clear process for planning and implementing activities53.158.744.2
 8. There is a clear process for shared decision-making32.742.430.8
 9. There is an effective process for managing conflict10.229.79.6
 10. There is a clear framework for monitoring progress46.971.741.5
 11. There is a clear vision for the Centre46.063.964.4
 12. There is clear communication of the goals of the Centre to staff52.063.963.8
 13. There is enthusiasm for achieving the Centre’s goals68.082.581.4
 14. There are strategies for relationship building among partners54.074.261.0
 15. There is strategic leadership for the Centre60.081.376.3
 16. I understand what the Centre is trying to achieve71.179.667.9
 17. I see value in committing my time to the Centre84.482.875.5
 18. I understand my role and responsibilities within the Centre71.172.066.0
 19. My abilities are used effectively in the Centre40.057.054.7
 20. I receive the information I need to contribute meaningfully to the Centre48.966.758.5
 21. I feel respected and valued as a member of the partnership64.477.464.2
 22. I believe the Centre partners are achieving more together than they could alone55.681.769.8
 23. There is trust and respect among partners65.979.376.9
 24. There is sharing of ideas, resources and skills among partners52.377.261.5
 25. There is collaboration to solve problems45.569.649.0
 26. There is effective communication among partners38.659.850.0
 27. There are new and strengthened working relationships among partners59.174.764.7