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Table 3 Round 1 survey results for importance and feasibility of predetermined factors

From: Implementation of government-directed policy in the hospital setting: a modified Delphi study

Round 1Level of agreement
Policy characteristics
 Perception of the quality and validity of the evidence90.9%72.7%
 Policy content and requirements/actions100%90.9%
 Valid and reliable evidence for policy requirements/actions100%54.6%
 Cost of implementation100%100%
Outer setting
 External systems and infrastructure100%72.7%
 Alignment with national/corporate goals90.9%81.8%
 Regulatory mechanisms (e.g. accreditation, financial penalties)81.8%90.9%
Inner setting
 Internal systems and infrastructure90.9%100%
 Established roles and responsibilities81.8%63.6%
 Internal relationships100%36.4%
 Organisational lines of accountability90.9%63.6%
 Methods for monitoring and reporting policy implementation outcomes90.9%72.7%
 Organisational stability90.9%27.3%
 Organisational goal setting90.9%72.7%
 Resources and tools81.8%90.9%
 Integration of policy requirements into current practice100%90.9%
Implementation process
 Resourcing and preparedness90.9%81.8%
 Development of implementation plan100%72.7%
 Establishment of capacity in implementation planning72.7%63.6%