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Table 5 Final list of factors of importance and indication of feasibility in policy implementation

From: Implementation of government-directed policy in the hospital setting: a modified Delphi study

YesLocal levelNo
Policy characteristics
 Perception of the quality and validity of the evidence  
 Policy content and requirements/actions  
 Valid and reliable evidence for policy requirements/actions  
 Assessment/testing of policy  x
 Perception of benefit to patient care outcomes  
 Cost of implementation  
Outer setting
 External systems and infrastructure  
 Alignment of policy with other external requirements  
 Alignment with national/corporate goals  
 Regulatory mechanisms (e.g. accreditation, financial penalties)  
Inner setting
 Internal systems and infrastructure  
 Hospitals establish roles and responsibilities  x
 Hospitals assess for internal factors/relationships  
 Hospitals establish organisational lines of accountability  
 Hospitals consider organisational stability  x
 Methods for monitoring and reporting policy implementation outcomes  
 Clinical leaders/professional peers  
 Organisational goal setting  
 Resources and tools  
 Integration of policy requirements into current practice  
Implementation process
 Resourcing and preparedness  
 Development of implementation plan  
 Hospitals establish and build capacity for implementation  x
 Identification of changes needed in planning