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Table 2 Search strategy for Ovid Medline search strategy for palliative care and cancer

From: Palliative Care Evidence Review Service (PaCERS): a knowledge transfer partnership

1. Palliative care/
2. Terminal Care/
3. Terminally ill/
4. Hospice care/
5. (“palliative care” or “supportive care” or “hospice care” or “end of life care”).tw.
6. ((hospice or terminal*) adj3 (care or caring or ill*)).tw.
7. (“last year of life” or LYOL or “end of life” or “end of their lives”).tw.
8. (end-stage disease* or end stage disease* or end-stage ill* or end stage ill*).tw.
9. or/1–8
10. exp. Neoplasms/
11. (cancer* or oncolog* or neoplasm* or carcinom* or tumo?r* or malignan* or Leukemia* or lymphoma* or leukaemia*).tw.
12. 10 or 11
13. 9 or 12