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Table 1 Description of the health product profile characteristics contained in the Health Product Profile Directory (please note, not all characteristics apply to all profiles)

From: Analysis of the Health Product Profile Directory — a new tool to inform priority-setting in global public health

Profile characteristicExample descriptions
Document titleA description of the health product profile, including product type, target disease and/or health condition for a target population or geographic location
AuthorThe lead organisation that developed and published the health profile. When a profile was published in a journal, the main institutional affiliation of the corresponding author was chosen
WHOA check-box to enable quick separation of WHO-authored health product profiles from those authored by others
DiseasesOne or more diseases and/or health conditions (e.g. reproductive health) targeted by the product
Product typeShort-description of the product type: diagnostic, drug, vaccine, digital health, drug regimen, injectable/implant, not defined. As the directory content grows, these definitions will expand
Year publishedThe year the profile document was published
StatusActive: the profile is still considered relevant
Archive: the profile is no longer relevant. In the Health Product Profile Directory, profiles older than 5 years from the current date are considered archive
IndicationThe purpose of the product, e.g. to provide immunisation against a given disease or to identify the presence of a given bacteria in drinking water
Intended usePrimarily used for diagnostics to separate triage, screening and more precise diagnosis
Target populationAge group or other specific subpopulation groups
Sample type and volumePrimarily for diagnostics describing the medium that is tested, e.g. blood, stool, saliva, drinking water
Use settingWho would use the product and under what conditions, infrastructure requirements, e.g. trained nurse in a low-resource setting, primary healthcare facility, no cold chain, shelf life
PerformanceDescribes for diagnostics: specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, robustness, time to result, nature of result, qualitative or quantitative
EfficacyFor drugs and drug regimens: the clinical characteristics, dosing, pharmaco-dynamics, rate of onset of action, interaction with other therapeutics, etc.
For vaccines: expected efficacy, duration, reversibility, strain coverage, interaction with other vaccines, etc.
SafetyFor drugs, drug regimens and vaccines: clinical safety and tolerability, safety monitoring requirements, contra-indications and relation to specific population types, e.g. infants, pregnant women, during breast-feeding
CommentsAdditional comments not able to be categorized above
Document urlIdeally, an archive providing a permanent url where the full document is published openly on line
Contact emailA contact email for further information