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Table 3 The top five organizations reporting product profiles in the Health Product Profile Directory (May 2019)

From: Analysis of the Health Product Profile Directory — a new tool to inform priority-setting in global public health

Global Health Innovative Technology Fund62 profilesDiagnostics (18), Drug (26), Vaccine (18)
World Health Organization
(incl. Partnerships with UNICEF and Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership)
51 profilesDiagnostics (17), Drug (3) Vaccine (21), Digital Health (7), Drug Regimen (3)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation24 profilesDrugs (4), Vaccine (13) Drug Regimen (1), Injectable/implant (3), Not Defined (3)
Serum Institute12 profilesVaccines (12)
Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative10 profilesDrugs (8), Vaccine (2)