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Table 1 Documents analysed

From: The impact of differing frames on early stages of intersectoral collaboration: the case of the First 1000 Days Initiative in the Western Cape Province

Document origin/authorsType of documentYearDocument titleFrames
Global documents or strategies (largely used to shape the initiative locally)
1. World Health OrganizationStrategy2016Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016–2030)Biomedical, socioeconomic, nurturing care
2. Black et al.Lancet series2016Early Childhood Development Coming of Age: Science Through the Life CourseNurturing care, socioeconomic
3. Britto et al.Lancet series2016Nurturing Care: Promoting Early Childhood DevelopmentNurturing care
4. Richter et al.Lancet series2017Investing in the Foundation of Sustainable Development: Pathways to Scale Up for Early Childhood DevelopmentSocioeconomic
5. World Health OrganizationFramework2018Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development: A Framework for Helping Children Survive and Thrive to Transform Health and Human PotentialNurturing care, socioeconomic
6. Harvard UniversityReport2010The Foundations of Lifelong Health are Built in Early ChildhoodSocioeconomic
7. United NationsGeneral Assembly Resolution2015Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentSocioeconomic
National documents
Whole of society policies (that were FTD-sensitive)
8. Department of Social DevelopmentPolicy2015National Integrated Early Childhood Development PolicyNurturing care
9. National Planning CommissionStrategic plan2011National Development Plan Vision 2030Nurturing care
10. UNICEFPolicy/Plan2005National Integrated Plan for Early Childhood Development (2005–2010)Socioeconomic
11. Department of Basic EducationPolicy2015The South African National Curriculum Framework for Children from Birth to FourNurturing care
Health sector-specific policies
12. National Department of HealthPolicy2012Strategic Plan for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Women’s Health and Nutrition in South Africa (2012–2016)Biomedical
13. National Department of HealthReport2014National Report for the Mid-Term Review of the Strategic Plan for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Women’s Health and Nutrition in South Africa (2012–2016)Biomedical
Non-sector-related documents and journal articles
14. Morgan, B.ReportNot datedRelationships Matter Most, Especially in the First 1000 Days. The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience of Early Childhood Development: A Unifying NarrativeSocioeconomic
15. Children’s Institute, University of Cape TownReport2017South African Child Gauge 2017Nurturing care, socioeconomic
16. Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town and Ilifa LabantwanaReport2016South African Early Childhood Review 2016Nurturing care, socioeconomic
17. Turner & HonikmanJournal article2016Maternal Mental Health and the First 1000 DaysNurturing care
18. English et al.Journal article2017‘First 1000 Days’ Health Interventions in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Alignment of South African Policies with High-quality EvidenceBiomedical
Provincial/subnational documents
Whole-of-society policies or plans (that anchored the FTD)
19. Western Cape GovernmentStrategy2014Provincial Strategic Plan 2014–2019Socioeconomic
20. Western Cape GovernmentDeclaration2011Cape Town Declaration on WellnessSocioeconomic
21. Western Cape GovernmentStrategy2011Investing in the Early Years, Integrated Provincial Early Childhood Development Strategy (2011–2016)Nurturing care
22. Western Cape Department of HealthStrategy2014Healthcare 2030: The Road to WellnessBiomedical, nurturing care
23. Perinatal Task TeamReport2016First 1000 Days Rapid Situational Analysis for the Western Cape Survive, Thrive, TransformBiomedical
24. Perinatal Task TeamFramework2016Intervention Framework to Guide Service Planning for the First 1000 DaysBiomedical
25. FTD executive committeeReport2016The First 1000 Days Initiative, Cape Town, South AfricaSocioeconomic
26. Western Cape Department of HealthNewsletter2016Western Cape Government Research Newsletter 2016Biomedical
27. Western Cape Department of HealthNewsletter2017Western Cape Government, Research Newsletter 2017Nurturing care
28. ThanjanReport2017Report on the First Round of the First 1000 Days Roadshows Conducted in the Cape Town Metro between April–September 2016Nurturing care
29. FTD executive committeeReport2017Provincial Strategic Plan Goal 3: Increase Wellness and Safety, Reduce Social Ills. Project Charter 2017/2018. Project: The First 1000 Days (FTD) InitiativeNurturing care
30. Western Cape Department of HealthReport2015Western Cape Government, Department of Health Annual Report 2015/2016Nurturing care
31. Western Cape Department of HealthReport2016Western Cape Government, Department of Health Annual Report 2016/2017Nurturing care
Social Development
32. Western Cape Department of Social DevelopmentReport2018Western Cape Government, Department of Social Development Annual Report (2018/2019)Nurturing care
33. Western Cape Department of Social DevelopmentPlan2018Western Cape Government Department of Social Development Service Delivery Improvement PlanNurturing care
34. Western Cape Department of Social DevelopmentReport2018Western Cape Government, Department of Social Development Annual Performance Plan 2017/2018Nurturing care