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Table 1 Overview of 2-year engagement activities

From: Stakeholders’ engagement in co-producing policy-relevant knowledge to facilitate employment for persons with developmental disabilities

 Engagement activityTimeNumber of stakeholders engagedEngagement goalEngagement levelChallengesSolutions
Phase one: knowledge co-productionFirst stakeholder dialogueJune 2017Multiple stakeholdersa (31)To collectively prioritise policy barriers and potential solutions to employment for PWDDPartnerLow participation from PWDD1) Visiting a third-party disability organisation to present first event findings to PWDD
2) Held a separate focus group solely with PWDD
Focus group with PWDDNov 2017PWDD (5)To deepen our understanding of prioritised barriers and solutionsGather informationDifficulty to get access to PWDD and limited trust1) Working through a third-party disability organisation
2) Continued and sustained communication and trust building relationships
Second stakeholder dialogueJune 2018Multiple stakeholdersa (49)To co-develop employer-specific, action-oriented solutions to reduce policy barriers to employment for PWDDPartnerLow participation from policy/decision-makersHeld a separate workshop in their workplace (i.e. Ministry) tailored to their specific stakeholder group
Phase two: knowledge mobilisationMinistry stakeholder workshopDec 2018Policy/decision-makers (16)To provide space for dialogue about research findings with a focus on practical implementation of findingsDiscuss1) Buy-in on research findings
2) Limited time and difficulty to access
3) Reinterpretation of findings
1) Visiting stakeholders in their workplace
2) Sharing tailored information in advance of workshop
WebinarFeb 2019HR professionals, employers (170)To educate and raise awareness among employers of our findingsInform or educate1) Lack of in-person interaction between participants
2) Distractions by other activity in office/location
3) Difficult to gauge level of engagement with content
Incentives and professional credits attached to participation via continuing education by the HR professional organisation partnership
Current affairs panelFeb 2019General public (32)To discuss the applicability of engagement findings in a broader contextDiscuss1) Varied participant backgrounds and knowledge base
2) Asymmetry of information among participants
Including subject experts in the panel with both tacit and explicit knowledge to provide differing connection point for participants
  1. HR human resources, PWDD people with developmental disabilities
  2. aThese include PWDD and their family members/caregivers, employers, non-profit organisations and other disability-serving organisations, vocational training professionals, and researchers and academics