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Table 1 Key functions of the CRE-IQI as an innovation platform

From: Using developmental evaluation to enhance continuous reflection, learning and adaptation of an innovation platform in Australian Indigenous primary healthcare

Key functions of an innovation platformCRE-IQI innovation platform aspirations and activities undertaken to fulfil key functions
Linking people from all levels of a systemBrought together people working at all levels of the health system with researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from Indigenous PHC services
Identifying shared goals and interests, common problems and solutionsCollaborated to develop the vision, research aims, priority projects for resource allocation and cross-cutting programmes of the CRE-IQI network
Leveraging research and/or expertiseUtilised members’ knowledge to leverage new resources, implement collective and coordinated action, and advocate for policy change
Enabling long-term learning and capacity-strengtheningDeveloped health research workforce capacity by sharing problems and experiences, developing learning opportunities and networking – adopting an ‘all teach, all learn’ approach [15]
Establishing effective governanceSet up a project coordinating centre (the CRE-IQI) and management committee to support and drive these key activities and provide high-level strategic direction and oversight
Encouraging continuous reflection, learning and adaptationImplemented a developmental evaluation to support continuous reflection, learning and adaptation
Out-scaling and up-scaling knowledge to broaden impactFacilitated horizontal diffusion of innovations by broadening the application (or ‘out-scaling’) of quality improvement to non-clinical areas of PHC through implementing, testing and improving its application; facilitated up-scaling innovations by embedding them at higher levels of the health system and other sectors
Generating and sharing knowledgeEstablished the innovation platform itself to be a vehicle for integrated research and knowledge translation, with research, translation and learning occurring in the exchanges and interactions of service providers, policy-makers and researchers
  1. CRE-IQI Centre for Research Excellence in Integrated Quality Improvement, PHC primary healthcare