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Table 2 Summary of survey respondents’ profile (n = 83)

From: Capacity for health economics research and practice in Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territories and Turkey: needs assessment and options for development

Question N
Which country do you work in?
 France 1
 Jordan 16
 Lebanon 13
 Occupied Palestinian Territories 33
 Switzerland 1
 Turkey 18
 United Arab Emirates 1
Which of the following best describes your current professional role?
 Academic research 56
 Clinical activity, for example, as a practicing physician or pharmacist 9
 Healthcare management, for example, as a hospital administrator 4
 Policy management, for example, as a head of unit in a government agency 3
 Technical expert (non-academic), for example, as a health financing specialist 2
 Other 9
Highest educational attainment
 Doctorate (for example, PhD, DrPH) 50
 Master (for example, MA, MSc, MPH) 23
 Undergraduate degree (for example, Medicine, Dentistry, Economics) 7
 Other 3
Years since highest educational attainment
 Less than 5 years 38
 Between 5 years and 10 years 16
 More than 10 years 29
Type of employer
 Government agency 6
 Healthcare provider, for example, a hospital 9
 International organisation 2
 Non-governmental organisation 4
 Private sector, for example, consultancy or pharmaceutical industry 4
 University or research institute 54
 Other 4