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Table 5 Articles reporting sustainability outcome variables

From: Making change last? Exploring the value of sustainability approaches in healthcare: a scoping review

  Sustainability outcome variables reported Additional sustainability outcomes reported
Author and sustainability approach used Benefits for patients, staff and stakeholders continue Initiative activities or components of the intervention continue Maintenance of relationships, partnerships or networks Maintenance of new procedures, and policies Attention and awareness of the problem or issue is continued or increased Replication, roll-out or scale-up of the initiative Capacity built within staff, stakeholders and communities continues Adaptation in response to new evidence or contextual influences Gaining further funds to continue the initiative and maintain improvements
Blanchet et al. [50]       
Diaz del Castillo et al. [60]     
Ford et al. [66]         
Higuchi et al. [76]        
Ibrahim et al. [78]          
Johnson et al. [79]         
Leon et al. [82]          
Lloyd et al. [84]        
Moreland-Russel et al. [87]          
Redman & Barab [93]          
Scudder et al. [96]        
Stolldorf et al. [99]         
Toledo Romanib et al. [102]      
Van Acker et al. [106]          
Total number of studies reporting outcome variable 6 9 5 7 3 2 5 5 4