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Table 2 Framework for outcome evaluation: elements, questions and data sources

From: Evaluation of the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group’s systematic review priority-setting project

Element [28] Questions Data sources
Improved stakeholder understanding 1. Did stakeholders obtain more than a knowledge of the priority-setting process, but gained insight into broader aspects of priority-setting (e.g. the rationale for priority-setting generally) and/or the CCCG/Cochrane (e.g. its mission, values)? - Workshop feedback survey
- Project documents (communication with stakeholders)
- CCCG Editorial team reflections
Shifted priorities and/or reallocation of resources 2. Were more Cochrane Reviews topics selected that were relevant to stakeholders? - CCCG Editorial team reflections
3. Did Cochrane Review topics that reflect the priorities of stakeholders get funded and conducted? - Communication material (publication)
Improved decision-making quality 4. Were CCCG decisions and strategic direction more consistent with the priorities generated? - CCCG Editorial team reflections
5. (Did future CCCG priority-setting activities aim to build on earlier efforts?)a - CCCG Editorial documents and policies for review production
Stakeholder acceptance and satisfaction 6. Did stakeholders express satisfaction with the process? - Workshop feedback survey
7. Did stakeholders partner with researchers to conduct the priority Cochrane Reviews? - Informal feedback from stakeholders
8. (Did stakeholders use the results of the priority reviews?)a - Priority review production metrics
Positive externalities 9. Were the results of the priority-setting process shared widely? - Project documents
10. Did research funders and research institutes include the priorities as part of their research agenda or strategic planning? - Communication materials (webpage, final report, publications)
11. Was the priority-setting process and/or its results emulated by or did it influence the work of other organisations?
12. (Did the priority reviews result in changed policies, legislation or clinical practice?)a - CCCG Editorial team reflections
  1. CCCG Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group
  2. aQuestion unable to be assessed because the priority reviews selected in the priority-setting process are not yet published. The question is included for completeness