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Table 1 Reasons the district Sangha agreed to be partners on the PLA project

From: What should community organisations consider when deciding to partner with researchers? A critical reflection on the Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivrudhhi Sangha experience in Karnataka, India

Reason Example given by Sangha leader
Addresses a community/organisational need or priority When we visited our villages and podus [hamlets], we found out that maternal and child health was a big health issue, most of them were anaemic and many of the babies and also some mothers would die during the delivery. We had given the information many times about this to the concerned health department, but we did not get a proper response from them, so we used to think, if anybody like this comes for help we should take it and serve the community and improve the situation.”
Benefits the Soliga community: will improve health and help save lives People in other communities live long say for 100 years also, but here if they die at 35 years only, there must be a problem in the health of our community. So to improve the health of the community, we have to take the help of the researchers.”
Involves the community in its conduct (as partners and field investigators) This is the first program like this in the district level, where everybody are included to work in the project, the same. Even VGKK is doing in its own way and government is also doing, but here we people and the organization can do the survey and go to the root of the cause for the problems of the people, so we liked this concept.”
Aligns with the Sangha’s mission So like that we, health is a very major issue for us so people are dying or people are facing health problem, they are not getting health facilities, health services, so that’s a job, the responsibility of us, all Sangha, to provide the facilities, to help the people.”
Trust in the researchers’ expertise on health matters We know [the researchers] from many days. We worked with them earlier also and we have full confidence in them, that they will do a good work, whatever they do. Since we had that belief, we were very happy when we heard about the project. Almost everybody know [name] doctor, and he has done a very good job in medical field in Karnataka, so all of us with a good heart agreed and took the decision to help the project.”
Generates data that can be used to attract government help for the Soliga community If we have the data with us we can discuss with government at any time… Their plan was to identify mother and child health problems and reach it to government and correct it. We are very much satisfied with their plan.”
Creates a positive impression of the Sangha in the Soliga community Others might think, these people are taking care of the health of the community. They take care of the health of the women in the community as their sisters.”