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Table 2 Features of a good research partner

From: What should community organisations consider when deciding to partner with researchers? A critical reflection on the Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivrudhhi Sangha experience in Karnataka, India

Feature Description by Sangha leader or field investigator
Understands the community, is sensitive to their problems and is service-minded, aiming to improve the community’s health through its projects and assist in other ways when it becomes aware of other problems facing the community They should be ready to serve the [Soliga] people at any situation… They should have the mind set to develop or improve the condition of our people. They might come to know about our health condition but along with that they should understand our other problems also and share that with government or NGOs and they should try to solve the problem.” (Field investigator)
Embedded in the community They should be one among us.” (Sangha leader)
Works with the community and community organisations in projects and helps them learn new things and develop new capabilities We may not have some techniques or ideas. They should teach us those things. When will you help us grow? Other citizens think tribes will be inside the forest and they do not know anything. So you take tribes into your projects and help them to grow… You choose people among us who can mingle and work with you. Do the work with community…Involve the people from tribal group, then you will be successful.’ (Field investigator)