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Table 3 Key matters for community organisations (COs) to consider or ask when deciding to engage with researchers

From: What should community organisations consider when deciding to partner with researchers? A critical reflection on the Zilla Budakattu Girijana Abhivrudhhi Sangha experience in Karnataka, India

Partner features Sensitive to community problems
Service minded; aims to benefit community
Helps community grow (e.g. empowers, builds capacity)
Embedded in community
Project features Addresses a community/organisational need or priority
Benefits the community (e.g. improving health, empowerment)
Aligns with CO mission
Involves CO and community in its conduct
Key requests Project scope includes community needs and priorities
Preferred level of CO participation (e.g. leadership of data collection and analysis)
Budget transparency and control (of CO portion at a minimum)
Project data used after collected and analysed (e.g. for advocacy, to design interventions that are then implemented)
Data access and ownership
Long-term projects and sustained partnership
Partnership characterised by joint decision-making
Capacity development