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Table 1 Topic areas covered in interviews

From: Scaling up population health interventions from decision to sustainability – a window of opportunity? A qualitative view from policy-makers

Topic areas

Objective and description

Professional background

To obtain a description of the respondents’ professional background and experience on scaling up population health interventions

Participant’s experience in the scaling up of a population health intervention

To develop an understanding of a specific intervention(s) that had been scaled up, which included a description of the problem being addressed, the context in which it was scaled up as well as the process of scaling up

General reflection on the process of scaling up interventions, including outcomes of the scale-up process

To ascertain information pertaining to the key elements in the process of scaling up, such as identifying the key actors and their role, the role of evidence in decision-making and the key influences in the decision-making process as well as factors enabling or hindering potential sustainability