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Table 4 Matching dimensions of health research governance

From: Governance of health research funding institutions: an integrated conceptual framework and actionable functions of governance

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED)European Observatory on Health Systems and PoliciesUnited KingdomNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)National Health and Medical Research Agency (NMHRC)Pang et al. [33]Rani et al. [10]Our integrated framework
Related to governance
• Open access
• Proactivity of needs and opportunities
• Ensure political and socioeconomic climate
• Financing
• Priorities
• Information systems
• Collaboration and partnerships
• Accountability • National legislations and policies (roles and responsibilities, research malpractice) • Define and articulate vision
• Identify priorities
• Coordinate adherence to priorities
• Identifying and pursuing national priorities
• Oversight of health research
• Developing and pursuing national research strategies
• Intelligence acquisition,
• Resourcing and instrumentation
• Relationship management
• Accountability and performance
• Strategy formulation
Related to management
• Resource, skills, access
• Sustainability of data
• Discoverability (visibility and use of data)
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Communication
• Contracting
• Coordination
• Policy capacity to align with resources in pursuit of goals• Responsibilities of individuals
• Responsibilities of organisations
• Notification of high-risk projects
• Agreement to participate
• Methodological review (peer review, review of existing research)
• Expertise and good clinical practise
• Information confidentiality and good practice
• About a proposed research project
• Initial assessment of research
• Final assessment
• Risk management
• Assessment of legal and administrative requirements
• Credentialing and supervision
• Authorisation
• Monitoring complaints management
• Reporting completion
• Monitor and evaluate health research systems
• Financing: secure funds and allocate
• Create and sustain resources and capacities
• Produce, translate, promote research
• Monitoring overall research activities
• Monitoring, building, strengthening and sustaining national health research capacity
• Creating systems to facilitate wider access and dissemination
• Priority-setting
• Knowledge transfer
• Financing
• Integrity of data
• Respect right, ethics, culture
• Value (intellectual property, etc.)
• Ethics and review
• Community and civil engagement
• Transparency about decision, process and grounds
• Participation of affected parties
• Integrity of process clearly specified
• Safety, competence, scientific and ethical conduct
• Patient, service users and public involvement, choice, insurance and indemnity, respect for privacy
• Integrity, quality, transparency, compliance
• Protocol
• Legality
• Benefits and risks
• Approval
• Information about the research
• Accessible findings
• Justified interventions, ongoing provision of treatment, integrity of the care record, duty of care
• Service users, public participations
• Protecting research participants
• transparency
• Intellectual property arrangements
• Ethical review
• Set and monitor ethical standards• Ethical conduct• Transparency
• Capacity reinforcement
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Ethics
• Public engagement