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Table 6 About intelligence acquisition across funding institutions by case

From: Governance of health research funding institutions: an integrated conceptual framework and actionable functions of governance

Country, institutionActions related to intelligence acquisition
Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)• CIHR shall answer to the minister’s request for advice (CIHR Act)
• Achievements of CIHR available in implementation reports, audit reports, international reviews
• Input from scientific directors of institutes for the strategy of CIHR
• Archives on reports of CIHR, minutes of board
• Published management response to reviews of programmes
• Initiatives and tri-council fund across institutes
• Seek inputs from research community on mission achievements
Australia, National Health and Medical Research Agency (NHMRC)• Pre-established profile of expertise for institution members depending on health domains
• Targeted call for research drafted by NHMRC alone or on demand from Australian health authorities
• Participation in developing national strategies for research infrastructure investment
United States, National Institutes of Health (NIH)• Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis (OLPA) to track bills, laws, hearings, legislative updates, congress committees of interest to NIH
• Upon director’s request, input on strategy development come from the Council of Public Representatives (COPR)
• For emerging opportunities and rising health challenges, the division of programme coordination, planning and strategic initiatives accelerates investments
• Excel by managing for results (bibliometrics, dynamic model of workforce, etc.)
Singapore, National Medical Research Agency (NMRC)• Revisiting policies with the inputs from researchers, research offices of institutions, finance and human resource personnel
• Engagement to give feedback on suggestions that are rejected in development and revision of policies
• Research around top-down direction from Ministry of Health
Sweden, Swedish Research Agency (SRC) and Scientific Council for Medicine (SCM)• Majority of board members of SRC and SCM elected by the research community
• Assessment of Swedish participation in EU framework programme
• Evaluation of 20 research environment funded by Linnaeus grant
• Monitoring of research policy development (bibliometric studies)
United Kingdom, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)• Multiple partnerships with private and charity organisations
• Industry liaison team at NIHR
• Support for evidence-based medicine and evidence-based policy-making (health technology assessment, Cochrane Centres, etc.)
The Netherlands, The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)• Evaluations of programmes and of ZonMW
• Programme committee investigates the urgency and relevance of researches proposed by the ministry
• Two institutions head ZonMW
• In 2015, undertook wide consultation of civilians, companies, researchers and social organisations to provide questions to the scientific community, with attached roadmaps