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Table 8 About resourcing and instrumentation across funding institutions by case

From: Governance of health research funding institutions: an integrated conceptual framework and actionable functions of governance

Country, institutionActions related to resourcing and instrumentation
Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)• Internal policies and documents on insurance coverage for CIHR volunteers, Personnel Security Screening Policy, CIHR Travel Policy, CIHR Travel Expenses Reimbursement Guidelines, CIHR Code of Conduct
• Collaborations with partners (e.g. the SPOR strategy with pharmaceutical companies)
• Website for partnership solicitation
• Financial support of CIHR Board to support institutes’ roles
Australia, National Health and Medical Research Agency (NHMRC)• Assigns academy member group to identify external reviewers and to monitor peer review
• Provides acceptable standards to research institutions on intellectual property, ethics and responsible conduct of research
• Added some specific committees upon the request of the Minister of Health and Ageing
United States, National Institutes of Health (NIH)• Open application process for members of the Council of Public Representatives (COPR)
• Allocation of institute funds for activities under the institute’s control
Singapore, National Medical Research Agency (NMRC)• Revised financial and administration guidelines for researchers
• Internal policies not online in English
• Guidelines on data sharing, guidelines for media
Sweden, Swedish Research Agency (SRC) and Scientific Council for Medicine (SCM)• Two basic research-targeted programmes on Swedish priority research topics
• Organised a series of seminars and a 1-day conference on mobility of researchers in the EU
• Digital service to communicate with journalists
• Measurement of citation impact of Swedish research
• Open access to research data
• Research data registry
United Kingdom, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)• Research capability funding to support the management of research funds
• Research support services as NIHR service to encourage, frame and harmonise local research processes for NHS-funded research
• Development of unified approval process, standards for compliance
• National advice service for complex regulatory issues of local R&D, with partners
• Partner with industry to support private economic growth
• Development of core standards for public involvement
• Plain English award
• Consensus building on the interpretation of central policies and rules by local R&D offices of NHS trusts
The Netherlands, The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)• Minutes of committee meetings – details not available
• Responsibilities of committee members – details not available
• Policies of committee – details not available