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Table 1 Comparison of gender equality interventions distinctive to Athena SWAN and EFFORTI

From: Understanding the Athena SWAN award scheme for gender equality as a complex social intervention in a complex system: analysis of Silver award action plans in a comparative European perspective

 Gender equality interventions distinctive to Athena SWANGender equality interventions distinctive to EFFORTI
Organisational, structural and cultural actions1. Institutionalised self-assessment teams
2. Revising timing of meetings and events
3. Workload allocation model
4. Mandatory training on unconscious bias and bullying and harassment
1. Institution of quotas
2. Introduction of chairs and positions reserved for women
3. Special funding for women researchers
Career development1. Career development interventions targeting professional and support staff
2. Career development interventions targeting students
1. Addressing a full continuum of key career transition points
2. Support of mobility, including spouse relocation schemes
Assessment and monitoring1. Intersectional approaches to data collection and analysis 
Integration of the gender dimension in research and education 1. Integration of the gender dimension and impact in research
2. Integrating the gender dimension in tertiary education
3. Revision of teaching curricula and texts
4. Introduction of single-sex degree and specialisation courses
5. Provision of gender and women’s studies or modules