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Table 4 Top health categories, subcategories and diseases/conditions funded in 2016

From: Resource allocation for biomedical research: analysis of investments by major funders

Health categoryNumber (%)Top four health subcategoriesNumber (%)Top diseases/conditions within each subcategoryNumber (%)
Non-communicable40,035 (72%)Malignant neoplasms9483 (24%)Breast cancer803 (8%)
Mental and substance use disorders5945 (15%)Alcohol use disorders574 (10%)
Neurological conditions4981 (12%)Alzheimer disease and other dementia1792 (36%)
Cardiovascular diseases4473 (11%)Stroke632 (14%)
Communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions11,123 (20%)Infectious and parasitic diseases8826 (79%)HIV/AIDS3039 (34%)
Respiratory infections738 (7%)Lower respiratory infections616 (83%)
Nutritional deficiencies651 (6%)Protein/energy malnutrition488 (75%)
Neonatal conditions and maternal conditions496 (4%)Birth asphyxia and birth trauma200 (40%)
Injuries3056 (6%)Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes2776 (91%)Injuries to unspecified part of trunk, limb or body region1242 (45%)
External causes of injuries280 (9%)Self-harm112 (40%)
Others1127 (2%)