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Table 1 Characteristics of included reviews

From: Conceptualising the initiation of researcher and research user partnerships: a meta-narrative review

StudyType of reviewTime span of included studiesDisciplineField of studyReview guidelines or recommendations followed
Tremblay et al., 2017, Canada [30]TheoreticalUp to 2015Social SciencesPsychologyFramework synthesis
Gagliardi et al., 2016, Canada [9]Scoping2005–2014healthcareHealth services researchPreferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews (PRISMA)
Salsberg et al., 2015, Canada [31]Critical1995–2009HealthcarePublic healthNone
Esmail et al., 2015, United States [32]Critical2005–2013HealthcareHealth services researchNone
Concannon et al., 2014, United States [33]Systematic2002–2013HealthcareMedicinePRISMA
Filieri & Alguezaui, 2014, United Kingdom [34]Systematic1992–2012Social sciencesKnowledge managementNone
Andrews et al., 2012, United States [35]Systematic1995–2011HealthcareNursingIntegrated review methodology
Jagosh et al., 2012, Canada [8]Realist1970–2011HealthcareHealth services researchNone
Orem et al., 2012, Uganda [36]Descriptive2000–2010HealthcarePublic healthNone
De-Pinho Campos et al., 2011, Canada [37]Systematic1990–2010HealthcarePublic healthThe Joanna Briggs Institute for Evidence Based Nursing and Midwifery’s An introduction to systematic reviews
Chiasson et al., 2009, United Kingdom [38]Systematic1982–2005Social sciencesInformation systemsNone
Suarez-Balcazar et al., 2005, United States [39]Theoretical1977–2004Social SciencesPsychologyNone
Guzman & Wilson, 2005, Australia [40]Theoretical1979–2003social SciencesKnowledge managementNone
Riley-Tillman et al., 2005, United States [41]Narrative1977–2005Social sciencesEducationNone
Druskat & Pescosolido, 2002, United States [42]Theoretical1986–1996Social sciencesOrganisational managementNone
Waterman et al., 2001, United Kingdom [43]Systematic1975–1998HealthcareHealth services researchNHS’s Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Recommendations
Israel et al., 1998, United States [44]Narrative1968–1997HealthcarePublic healthNone