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Table 2 Conceptual details about partnership initiation

From: Conceptualising the initiation of researcher and research user partnerships: a meta-narrative review

Study Narrative Labels Key Actors Origins (discipline/field of study) Concepts or theories
Partnership Partnership initiation Researchers Research users
Tremblay et al., 2017, Canada [30] Action research Community-based participatory research First stage Researchers Community organisation, coalition of organisations Social Sciences/Psychology Social movement theory
Gagliardi et al., 2016, Canada [9] Integrated knowledge translation Integrated knowledge translation Formation stage Researchers Organisation or system-level decision-makers, including clinician managers, health facility managers and policy-makers Healthcare/health services research NR
Salsberg et al., 2015, Canada [31] Action research Participatory research Fostering a partnership Researchers Stakeholders, community members, end-users Healthcare/Public Health NR
Esmail et al., 2015, United States [32] Stakeholder engagement Stakeholder engagement research Early stage Researchers Patients, public Healthcare/health services research NR
Concannon et al., 2014, United States [33] Stakeholder engagement Stakeholder engagement Early stage Researchers Individual or group who is responsible for or affected by health and healthcare-related decisions Healthcare/medicine NR
Filieri & Alguezaui, 2014, United Kingdom [34] Knowledge transfer Structural social capital Development stage, fuzzy front end Researchers Business managers, business partners, customers, suppliers, universities, competing firms Social sciences/knowledge management Social capital theory
Andrews et al., 2012, United States [35] Action research Community-based participatory research Partnership development Academic partners Community partners Healthcare/Nursing NR
Jagosh et al., 2012, Canada [8] Action research Participatory research Early stage Researchers People affected by issues under study and/or decision-makers who apply research funding Healthcare/Health Services Research NR
Orem et al., 2012, Uganda [36] Integrated Knowledge Translation Knowledge translation partnership Pre-research stage Researchers Policy-makers Healthcare/Public Health NR
De-Pinho Campos et al., 2011, Canada [37] Team initiation Public–private partnerships Development stage Researchers Government, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-governmental organisations, foundations, experts, investors Healthcare/Public Health NR
Chiasson et al., 2009, United Kingdom [38] Action research Action research Outset of activities Researchers Stakeholders, decision-makers Social sciences/information systems NR
Suarez-Balcazar et al., 2005, United States [39] Action research Community–university collaborations Gaining entry into the community Researchers, academics Community members Social sciences/psychology NR
Guzman & Wilson, 2005, Australia [40] Knowledge transfer Inter- and intra-organisational knowledge transfer ‘Soft issues’ before developmental stage Organisation or team members Organisation or team members Social sciences/knowledge management NR
Riley-Tillman et al., 2005, United States [41] Action research Participatory action research Building usable knowledge Researchers School psychology practitioners who work in schools, hospitals and private practice Social sciences/education NR
Druskat & Pescosolido, 2002, United States [42] Shared mental models Shared mental models Early stage Team members Team members Social sciences/organisation management Cognitive theory
Waterman et al., 2001, United Kingdom [43] Action research Action research Problem identification or planning phase Researchers Managers, patients, nurses, occupational therapists, students, practitioners, educational staff Healthcare/health services research NR
Israel et al., 1998, United States [44] Action research Community-based research Development of partnership Researchers Community members, organisational representatives Healthcare/public health Critical theory
  1. NR none reported