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Table 5 Types of activities conducted and subjects studied by the 30 active WHO Collaborating Centres in Canada

From: Using a rapid environmental scan methodology to map country-level global health research expertise in Canada

Type of activity conducted by WHO Collaborating CentresNumber of centres conducting activity (n = 30)
 Training and education23
 Product development (e.g. guidelines, manuals, protocols)14
 Collection and collation of information9
 Providing technical advice to WHO9
 Information dissemination6
 Coordination of activities carried out by several institutions (e.g. other WHO collaborating centres)4
 Implementation of WHO programmes and activities at country level3
 Development and application of appropriate technology2
 Organisation of events (e.g. conferences, summits)2
SubjectNumber of centres studying subject (n = 30)
 Environmental health and hazards other than those specifically mentioned6
 Occupational health6
 Health information, statistics, measurement and trend assessment4
 Human resources for health (excluding nursing)4
 Cardiovascular diseases3
 Health systems research and development3
 Research policy and development3
 Chemical safety2
  1. Data retrieved from WHO Collaborating Centres Database in March 2018. Activity classifications and subject classifications were obtained from the WHO Collaborating Centre Database entries for each centre